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Balm in Gilead


Moses was a man who talked to God

Face to face at the break of the dawn

He hid himself in the cleft of a rock

God passed by and knocked his socks off


When the Hebrew children make a golden calf

Moses took the law and he broke it in half

I’m not a child of the Hebrews properly speaking

But I can sympathize with the way they were feeling


Cause I poured my heart out, I melted it down

I fashioned for you a fine golden crown

You wore it well enough, but you wouldn’t speak to me

So I want you look here you so you can see


Every day ‘bout a quarter to three

Daniel felt the urge to fall down on his knees

He would thank the Lord for all his troubles and trials

You could see him praying for miles and miles


The price for this was a little bit strange

They threw him to a lion that they kept in a cage

For some old reason that we’ll probably never know

The lion looked at Danny and said “I don’t think so”


Just like this man in his lonely pit

I walked the line, I never budged from it

You cast on me a disdainful eye

You took one look and passed on by


The friends of Daniel they were also proved

In a fiery furnace they felt the spirit move

Just as the heat became too much to bear

They felt a nice cool breeze from out of nowhere


That’s about all the fire I could stand

Why don’t you be my Balm in Gilead


My body’s on fire

But I’m still alive

I’m gonna kick that bucket

But I ain’t gonna die

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